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Blank lines in Jinja2 Templates

When working with the Jinja2 templating engine on Python I’ve been bugged by blank lines that got inserted into the resultant XML when an optional node was excluded from the output.  Though Jinja2 sports some support for controlling whitespace I … Continue reading

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TP-Link Wifi Extender Light Woes

My new TP-Link wifi extender works great at extending the range of our home wifi setup. The home office downstairs unfortunately resides in a wifi dead spot given where our AT&T wifi access point had to be located. It’s inexpensive … Continue reading

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DateTime Intervals Versus DateTimes

I had wondered why some websites displayed date intervals (i.e. “5 days ago”, “4 hours ago”) for user posts instead of printing actual dates and times. Doing some new website work recently caused a revelation about that choice and how … Continue reading

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Code First Foreign Keys With Different Names

The Entity Framework’s Code First scheme is handy way to do quick development of new websites. I recently had an issue with a foreign key relationship between a table I created and the ASP.Net Identity user table AspNetUsers. Typically, EF … Continue reading

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The Move

It’s been a while now, but Penny and I are officially Californians now. About a month ago we made the move from Austin, TX to Oakland, CA. The reasons for the move are really quite complex and drawn out – … Continue reading

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Migrating Code From SQL Server To MySql

After having worked exclusively with Microsoft’s SQL Server for some years now I was working on a project in which the customer wanted the data to be stored in their database of choice, MySql. My first thought was to utilize … Continue reading

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Skipping Unit tests In MSTest

When creating a large number of test cases for a project there may be a number of cases that don’t apply for some particular scenario or platform. I didn’t want to mark a non-applicable test case as having passed just … Continue reading

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SQL Server Versions And Compatibility Levels

When working with a number of different SQL Server versions on various projects I’ve been a bit confused about what exactly I’ve been dealing with. I wanted a single table with all of the names, versions and compatibility levels all … Continue reading

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Free Team Foundation Server Hosting

In a recent post I pointed out how having my hobby code in source control helped diagnose an issue when migrating from one OS and Visual Studio version to another.  But if you’re just playing around with some code at … Continue reading

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CSS Content To The Rescue

Looking to get a bit of extra visibility for pages on my hiking websites I implemented support for Google’s Rich Snippets.  This feature allows for the markup of pages so that extra bits of information such as user ratings or … Continue reading

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